Alvin Kamara wants less panic, more pride from the Saints

The Saints’ loss to the Cardinals last Thursday dropped them to 2-5 on the season and it led running back Alvin Kamara to address his teammates.

Kamara shared some of what he said to the team when he spoke to reporters onWednesday. Kamara said he’s seen “a little bit of a panic” from his teammates when things have gone against the Saints this season and he noted the difference between that approach and the one the Saints have employed since joining the team during the 2017 season.

Kamara said players know “what’s bad and what’s good,” but that things can be “swept under the rug” if no one speaks up. In this case, Kamara believes the team is lacking the pride and accountability needed for better results.

“It does so much to lead by example, but sometimes people gotta say shit. So I felt like I had to say something. . . . What I said, it wasn’t me talking at people,” Kamara said, via Katherine Terrell of “It was like, ‘Shoot, hold me accountable, too.’ If you don’t see me with that swag and that energy and that pride I’m talking about, then tell me and call me out. Because I’m going to do the same thing to everybody on the field. Because I know what it takes to be what we want to be.”

We’ll see what kind of impact Kamara’s words had when the Saints face the Raiders this weekend and anything other than a win will make it harder to believe they can be the kind of team that Kamara thinks they can be this season.