Jared Goff working to eliminate “bad habit” that’s contributed to turnovers

After the Lions lost to the Cowboys last Sunday, head coach Dan Campbell said that “you can’t play for us” if you can’t hold onto the football because turnovers are “too devastating” for the 1-5 team to overcome.

It was hard not to think about quarterback Jared Goff in relation to those comments. Goff has been responsible for six turnovers over the last two games and the team believes it has identified part of what’s gone wrong for him.

Campbell said they have to “refocus him on awareness in the pocket” heading into this Sunday’s game against the Dolphins. Goff said that he feels he got off track against the Patriots in Week Six and is working to get back to where he needs to be in the weeks to come.

“It’s just stepping up a little bit. I think in the last — again, like for most of the season I’ve done a good job with it, developed maybe a bad habit in the New England game,” Goff said, via John Maakaron of SI.com. “And just sliding back a little bit and just need to step up and help those guys out. Be up in the pocket a little bit more. Those tackle jobs are hard enough. When I get too deep, we have a yard mark and when I’m past that it’s on me. So, just make sure I’m within that and just do my job that way.”

Goff had three turnovers in the team’s first four games, so it’s been a significant spike but the Lions haven’t been winning games whether he gives the ball away or not. That’s a bigger problem for the Lions to address and no one will be surprised if the offseason includes a change at quarterback designed to make that happen.