FAQ: Where Is Killington Vermont?

Is Killington in the Green Mountains?

Killington Peak is the second highest summit in the Green Mountains and in the U.S. state of Vermont. It is located east of Rutland in south-central Vermont. Killington Peak is a stop on the Long Trail, which here shares its route with the Appalachian Trail.

What mountains can you see from Killington?

Skiers can take in the panoramic view of the Green, White and Adirondack mountains. A friendly skier and Vermont native pointed out Mount Washington, New Hampshire, in the distance and the nearby ski resorts of Okemo, Stratton and Pico. And you don’t have to be an expert skier to reach the top.

Where do you fly into to go to Killington?

What is the nearest airport to Killington? The nearest airport to Killington is Rutland (RUT) Airport which is 13.7 miles away. Other nearby airports include Lebanon (LEB) (23.8 miles), Burlington (BTV) (58.4 miles), Albany (ALB) (83 miles) and Manchester (MHT) (85.3 miles).

How high is Killington Mountain in Vermont?

Residents of Sherburne voted Tuesday to change their town’s name to Killington, the name of the East Coast’s premier ski resort and the area’s largest employer. The name was changed from Killington to Sherburne in 1800 in honor of Col. Benjamin Sherburne, a land grantee.

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How far is Killington from Burlington?

How far is it from Burlington to Killington Ski Resort? It is 63 miles from Burlington to Killington Ski Resort. It is approximately 95.9 miles to drive.

Can you see Mt Washington from Killington?

Neighboring Stratton Mountain, Okemo, Magic, and Killington are visible most days, and you can even spot Mount Washington from the summit on a super clear day.

How big is Killington Vermont?

The 6.5 mile long Juggernaut trail at Killington claims the ‘longest in Eastern US’ title in terms of length.

How do I get to Killington?

Getting to Killington is relatively easy from most of the Northeast. Killington lies 15 miles (24 km) from Rutland, Vermont, and approximately 25 miles (40 km) from Rutland Airport, which has flights daily to and from Boston. Also nearby is West Lebanon airport, which is 39 miles (62 km) and about a one-hour drive.

What airlines fly out of Rutland Vermont?

The airlines flying out of Rutland Southern Vermont Regional (RUT) include: Cape Air, JetBlue Airways.

What town is Mt Snow Vermont in?

Located in southern Vermont in West Dover, Mount Snow is the most accessible Green Mountain getaway from southern metropolitan areas. Found on Route 100 (nine miles from Route 9 in Wilmington and 29 miles from Interstate 91), the resort is just 2.5 hours from Boston and 4 hours from New York City.

Who owns Killington?

LBO Resort Enterprises has purchased S-K-I Ltd., owner of Killington Ski Resort in Vermont, for $137 million. Mike Krongel advised the management and shareholders of LBO, which has changed its name to American Skiing Company.

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