FAQ: Who Played In A Christmas In Vermont?

Where was a Christmas in Vermont filmed?

This is the trailer for the Hallmark movie “A Christmas in Vermont”– it was filmed, ironically, in East Aurora, NY, Ellicottville and Holiday Valley.

Is Patrick Dempsey in Christmas in Vermont?

Meanwhile, the “love interest” Wyatt is a Patrick Dempsey standin who isn’t all that charming. With as much energy as the great Howard Hesseman can muster, this is a flat check for him, a throwaway Morgan Fairchild and a (clearly bored) Chevy Chase.

When was the movie A Christmas in Vermont made?

A Christmas in Vermont (originally titled A Vermont Christmas Vacation) is a Ion Television original movie, produced by Hybrid Films and starring Abigail Hawk, Chevy Chase, Donal O’Donnell, Howard Hesseman and Morgan Fairchild, that is debuted on November 27, 2016. It was directed by Fred Olen Ray.

Who played Wyatt’s mom in a Christmas in Vermont?

6 Morgan Fairchild – Joanne Davis Morgan Fairchild plays Joanne Davis, Wyatt’s mother, who is always worried because her son works too much.

Is a Christmas in Vermont a Hallmark movie?

The film is basically just your usual Hallmark-ish / person goes to a small town during Christmas, learns life lessons, and falls in love type of movie.

Is there a Christmas town in Vermont?

But the way we see it, there are few places quite as beautiful as Woodstock, Vermont at Christmastime. Old-fashioned holiday charm runs deep in this picture-perfect Christmas town, and that’s particularly true during its annual Wassail Weekend, where the whole place turns into a postcard-pretty holiday hotspot.

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What is a Christmas in Vermont about?

(March 20th, 2016) It’s a wrap for Director Fred Olen Ray third feature film shot in Western New York for his latest Christmas movie “The Apprentice” starring Abigail Hawk, Howard Hessman, Zack Ward, David O’Donnell and others.

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