In What Regional Reporter Would A State Court Case From Vermont Be Located In?

What are the regional reporters?

Regional reporters are commercially published unofficial reporters that contain decisions of appellate courts from states in a particular region of the United States.

How many regional reporters are there?

Regional Law Reporters West publishes seven regional reporters (Atlantic, North Eastern, North Western, Pacific, Southern, South Eastern, South Western). The National Reporter System covers the appellate courts of all the states and the District of Columbia.

What states are covered in West’s North Western reporter?

This set is a regional case law reporter series in West’s® National Reporter System. This product covers opinions and decisions from 1942 to date issued by the state courts of Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

What states does the Southern Reporter cover?

For example, the Southern Reporter covers appellate decisions issued in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The regional reporters are issued in series (i.e., first series, second series, and third series).

What is a case Reporter?

Court opinions are gathered together and published in chronological order in print in volumes called Case Reporters, or simply Reporters. The official reporter is the reporter that should be cited when submitting documents to the court in that jurisdiction.

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Is the Pacific Reporter official or unofficial?

Supreme Court cases are published in at least two, and sometimes three, recognized reporter sets: the official reporter (California Reports) and two West reporters ( Pacific Reporter and California Reporter).

Does the federal reporter have a parallel citation?

Federal case citations are similar in format to state citations. What may differ is whether there’s a parallel citation. United States Supreme Court case citations frequently have parallel citations. United States Reports (U.S.) is the official reporter, but there are often citations to the Supreme Court Reporter (S.

What is in the Federal Reporter?

The Federal Reporter publishes decisions from the United States Court of Appeals. The Federal Reporter consists of three series: F., F. 2d., and F. 3d.

What does NYS 2d mean?

“N.Y.”, N.Y.2d” – New York Reports. “N.Y.S.”, “N.Y.S.2d” – West’s New York Supplement. “A.D.”, “A.D.2d”, “A.D.3d” – New York’s Appellate Division Reports.

Which reporter publishes decisions from the United States District Courts?

District Court Decisions Occasionally, decisions issued by federal district courts (the trial court level in the federal system) are published in a reporter known as the Federal Supplement, the first and second series of which are cited as “F. Supp.” and “F. Supp. 2d”.

What does so 3d mean?

When cited, the Southern Reporter, the Southern Reporter Second, and the Southern Reporter Third are abbreviated “So.”, “So. 2d”, and “So. 3d”, respectively.

What’s the meaning of per curiam?

Definition. Latin for ” by the court.” An opinion from an appellate court that does not identify any specific judge who may have written the opinion.

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