Question: How Long Is The Long Trail In Vermont?

How long does it take to hike the Long Trail in Vermont?

On average, it takes hikers 19 days to complete the Long Trail if they hike it end-to-end in a single trip. If you do the math, that means they’re averaging slightly more than 14 miles a day.

Where does the Long Trail start and finish?

Geography. The Long Trail runs 273 miles (439 km) through the state of Vermont. It starts at the Massachusetts state line (near Williamstown, Massachusetts), and runs north to the Canada–US border (near North Troy, Vermont).

What is the length of the Long Trail?

Become a Certified End-to-Ender. To be eligible for the Long Trail end-to-end certificate and patch, you must hike all 272 miles of the Long Trail. But how you do it is up to you: hike it in one trip, or in many. Hike it this year, or over many years.

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Do you need a permit to hike the Long Trail Vermont?

No permit is required to hike the Long Trail. There is a $5 fee charged at overnight sites with GMC caretakers in the summer and fall. Learn more about overnight sites here. There is a food storage mandate in the Green Mountain National Forest.

How hard is Long Trail?

An average of 9.1 to 13.6 miles per day may sound a little slow to an experienced thru-hiker, but this is a tough trail! Regarded as one of the nation’s most rugged distance trails, the Long Trail tends to challenge hikers with steep, rocky, muddy, and rooted terrain – particularly in its northern sections.

Where do you resupply on the Long Trail?

Popular resupply locations are Manchester Center, Rutland, Killington & Waterbury. You can also stop in for a meal at Stowe Mountain Resort or take the ski lift down from Jay Peak for a meal on a day with good weather. Typically, a standard 3 season set up like Matt and Will used will work well on the the Long Trail.

How much does it cost to hike the Long Trail?

The Pacific Crest Trail Association suggests that thru-hiking the trail can cost anywhere from $4,000 to upwards of $8,000. These figures include the price of gear plus end-to-end expenses along the trail. When creating a budget, keep in mind that there are additional expenses to account for.

How do you train for a long trail?

If this is the year you’re going for your thru-hike, consider the following tips.

  1. Walk Everywhere. In an ideal situation, the best way to train for a thru-hike is to get out into the mountains and do extended hikes that include long ascents and descents.
  2. Go on Test Hikes.
  3. Learn Your Pace.
  4. Prepare Your Mind.
  5. Be Patient.
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How do you prepare for a long trail?

Start planning and training for next year’s long trail now.

  1. Get fit first. Avoid injury and enjoy your first few weeks on the trail.
  2. 4,800 calories/day = 2.5 lbs.
  3. Protect your food.
  4. Make an itinerary.
  5. Don’t plan all your food.
  6. Think about weather (but not too much)
  7. The magic number: 10 pounds.
  8. Plan on cell service weekly.

How many shelters were on the Long Trail?

Scared throughout the trail across the Green Mountains are places to rest your head after a long day of hiking. With 70+ shelters along the Long Trail (all maintained by the Green Mountain Club), there are plenty to choose from.

Where does the Appalachian Trail split from the Long Trail?

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, generally known as the Appalachian Trail or simply the A.T., is a marked hiking trail in the Eastern United States extending between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine.

Can you bike the Long Trail Vermont?

Vermont Plans the East Coast’s First Purpose-Built, Hut-Supported Mountain Bike Route. Enter the Velomont Trail, a proposed mountain bike route that would travel more than 130 miles from Killington north to Stowe over state, federal and private land.

What should I pack for a Long Trail?

What to Bring Day Hiking

  • Hiking backpack.
  • Weather-appropriate clothing (think moisture-wicking and layers)
  • Hiking boots or shoes.
  • Plenty of food.
  • Plenty of water.
  • Navigation tools such as a map and compass.
  • First-aid kit.
  • Knife or multi-tool.

Where does the Long Trail End in Vermont?

Start and End Point: The Southern terminus is Williamston, MA. The Northern terminus is Journey’s End road in North Troy. Opened in 1930, the Long Trail in Vermont is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the United States and reportedly inspired Benton MacKaye to plan the Appalachian Trail.

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Do you need a tent on the Long Trail?

YES! Shelters are first come, first served, and during peak hiking season they are usually full. It is important to have your tent, tarp, or other shelter with you.

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