Quick Answer: How Do I Legally Get Pot Seeds In Vermont?

Can you get in trouble for ordering seeds?

Whether it’s legal to buy and grow your own cannabis seeds is a complicated question. Technically, marijuana is an illegal drug in the United States, meaning that according to federal law, it is illegal to buy or grow cannabis seeds. This means you can purchase and grow cannabis seeds without worrying.

Can you grow your own pot in Vermont?

Vermont marijuana growing laws Adults over the age of 21 are permitted to grow up to 2 mature plants, and up to 4 immature plants (without flowers or buds).

Can you send seeds through the mail?

Can I send these seeds through the mail to agricultural officials? Do not plant any of the seeds. If the packets are already open, place all materials (seeds and packaging) into a sealable plastic bag. Place everything (seeds and any packaging and papers, including the mailing label) in a mailing envelope.

Can you mail seed packets?

If you are mailing seed packets to officials, place the unopened seed packet and any packaging, including the mailing label in a mailing envelope. If the seed packets are open, first place the seeds and their packaging into a zip-lock bag, seal it, and then place everything into a mailing envelope.

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Can you mail a potato without packaging?

You can even mail a potato: Russet, red or otherwise, with no packaging required! Just write the delivery address and a return address directly on the skin and add the correct number of stamps.

Can you mail seeds to Hawaii?

If you get an unsolicited package in the mail containing seed packets, do not open it, do not plant them or throw them away, the Hawaii and U.S. Departments of Agriculture said.

How do you package seeds?

Pack the air-dried seeds in small paper packets or envelopes and label with the plant name and other pertinent information. Remember, if you want to save your own seeds, you’ll need to plant open-pollinated varieties. They’ll come back true; hybrids won’t. You can also dry saved seeds on paper towels.

How can I get free seeds?

Get Free Seeds Through Seed Libraries Seed libraries provide a way for you to grow what you want for free, and at the same time allow others to do the same. Just like with seed exchanges, try searching for a local seed library to find one near you. The Seed Library Social Network may be a good starting point.

Is it legal to bring seeds back from Amsterdam?

Yes, it is lawful. 6. Re: Cannabis seeds?

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