Quick Answer: How To Identify Vermont Castings Wood Stoves?

Where is the model number on a Vermont Castings grill?

The CSA certification label, located somewhere on the Vermont Castings grill, is the best source for the correct grill model number. This tag/label/plate will have the correct model number.

How can I tell what model wood stove I have?

If you have a wood-burning or gas stove, the nameplate will be attached by wire underneath the firebox or attached to the back of the appliance. If you have a pellet stove, it could be located on the hopper lid, inside the hopper, on the back of the stove, or hidden in a removable panel on the appliance.

How old is Vermont Castings?

1975 – Vermont Castings is founded by Murray Howell & Duncan Syme. 1990 – Vermont Castings acquires Consolidated Dutchwest for $13 million.

How do you find the serial number on a wood-burning stove?

In wood-burning fireplaces, the serial number is located on the appliance data plate. The location of the data plate depends on the type of fireplace you have. In some cases, the appliance data plate might be riveted near the top of the screen pocket on either side of the fireplace opening.

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What happened to Vermont Castings grills?

Empire Comfort Systems has acquired the manufacturing rights to the Signature Series line of grills currently produced by Vermont Castings. “These are high-end, U.S.-made, stainless-steel grills with a great reputation for quality and durability,” Bauer said.

How can you tell how old a stove is?

To determine the age of your appliance, use your serial number (not the model number) to identify the date of manufacture. Our serial numbers begin with two letters followed by six numbers. The two letters at the beginning of the serial number tell you the month and year it was made.

How do I look up a serial number?


  1. Open Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and tapping the letter X.
  2. Type the command: WMIC BIOS GET SERIALNUMBER, then press enter.
  3. If your serial number is coded into your bios it will appear here on the screen.

How can you tell if a stove is a villager?

Villager stoves have a data plate that can be found fixed to the lower left hand side of the appliance. Be careful of examining this when the appliance is lit as this area will get hot.

Did Vermont Castings go out of business?

RANDOLPH — Only 14 months after the company was taken over in a management-led buyout, Vermont Castings has been sold again — this time to HNI Corp., an Iowa-based manufacturer of wood-burning stoves, fireplaces and office furniture.

Where are Vermont Castings stoves manufactured?

Vermont Castings moved to a new home in Randolph, Vermont in 1979. This modern foundry brought together workers and artisans from every step of the production process. Together they crafted the stoves with the utmost attention to detail.

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What company owns Vermont Castings?

Slide-In Ranges: The model and serial numbers are located either behind the storage drawer on the right side of the oven frame or on the right side of the bottom oven frame.

What is my antique stove worth?

How Much Are Antique Cast Iron Stoves Worth? In general, the condition, size, design, and rarity will determine the value of the stove. Most are in the $100 to $500 range, though some can go for several thousands of dollars.

Where do I find the model number on my fireplace?

Model number: You can find your fireplace model number on your invoice, on the front cover of the installation manual, or on the serial number decal attached to the unit.

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