Readers ask: Where To Buy Ez Pass In Vermont?

Can I buy an E-ZPass in Vermont?

Vermont has no plans to make the E-ZPass transponders available to residents, according to Richard Tetrault, deputy secretary for the state Agency of Transportation. When a vehicle with an E-ZPass transponder passes underneath, the system will charge the customer’s account.

Can you buy E-ZPass at Walgreens?

Does Walgreens sell EZ Pass? These include Publix Super Markets, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Amscot Financial, AAA South, Navarro Pharmacies and Sedano’s Supermarkets. SunPass transponders are also available at all Florida Turnpike service plazas, Turnpike gas stations and SunPass Service Centers.

Can you get an E-ZPass at Walmart?

They include a transponder, $35 in toll credits, a $3 annual fee and a $3 convenience fee collected by Walmart. The E-ZPass must be registered within 72 hours at or by calling 877-736-6727.

What is the best state to get an E-ZPass?

The best choice for us is to purchase an E-Z Pass from New Hampshire. The state charges $8.90 per tag and requires a minimum $30 deposit as prepaid tolls into your account, up to two tags.

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How do I pay Vermont tolls?

In Vermont, you can pay tolls with cash only. There is no electronic toll collection or Pay-By-Mail system on any of the Vermont toll roads.

Can I get an E-ZPass in person?

You can get a tag in person for $25 at any of the E-ZPass On-the-Go locations in the area. You can find the closest retailer by looking up your address with the Thruway Authority’s map.

Is there a toll pass that works in all states?

You only need one pass to cover you on all of Sydney’s toll roads and motorways. Generally, passes are only valid for the state they’re issued in, so cannot be used interstate. Linkt is the only provider that issues passes valid in all states.

Can I buy E pass at Publix?

The new SunPass PRO transponders will cost $14.95, plus tax, and is available at stores including Publix and Walgreens, online at, by calling 888-TOLL-FLA or at SunPass customer service centers.

Does Amazon sell EZ passes? ez pass.

How long does it take to get an E-ZPass?

In everyday situations, you receive a transponder a week after you have completed the application process. Other websites say that you will receive it from seven to ten days upon completing the registration process.

Can I buy an EZ pass without a car?

Yes. If you do not own a vehicle, you can still enroll in E-ZPass ®. Please ensure that the E-ZPass ® tag is mounted as per the tag installation instructions in all vehicles in which the tag will be used.

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Is an e-ZPass the same as an I pass?

I-Pass is part of the E-ZPass network and works with our local tolled bridges. I-Pass is used in Illinois and on the Indiana Toll Road.

Are all EZ passes the same?

It’s all a compatible system, but different states set their own fees to issue the transponders and maintain your account. What not all consumers know is that you don’t have to buy your pass from the state where you live, and you can save money by ordering from across the border.

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