What To Know Before Vermont Spartan Race Beast?

How do I prepare for a Spartan Beast?

If you can complete today’s workouts, you can complete your Spartan Beast.

  1. This is the final long run of your Spartan Race Beast training.
  2. Dynamic Warm Up.
  3. Jog 5% – 1.5 mile (7 RPE)
  4. Lunges – x15 each leg.
  5. 15 Bear Crawl (each leg) up hill/ up stairs/ incline.
  6. 15 Pull Ups.
  7. 15 Hanging Leg Raise.
  8. 400 yard Farmers Carry.

How hard is Spartan Beast?

A Spartan Beast is 12-13 miles with about 37 Obstacles. Running is the easy part. I drove about 8 hours down to Spartanburg, South Carolina, and checked into my hotel -immediately seeing people covered in dust and mud. For being in town there seemed to be a plenty of wooded acres to run through.

What is a good time for a Spartan Beast?

What is the Spartan Beast average time? Depending on your fitness level it can take between 3 to 9 hours to complete the race. However, to complete the course in 3 hours, you have to be a running machine. This mean, most weekend warriors like me, will finish the race in 6 hours approximately.

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What should I bring to Spartan Ultra Beast?

Warm clothing items in case it’s cold: Long sleeve shirt, arm sleeves, hat, head buff/headband. Good to have in case it’s freezing on one of the laps. You could wear for Lap 1 and get rid of for Lap 2, or if it seems like it’s gonna be cold on Lap 2 it’s good to have options in your bin to throw on.

What is the average time for a Spartan Sprint?

The Spartan Sprint can be completed in less than an hour, but it might take more than three hours. For reference, running a 5K takes me 23 minutes on average. My most recent Spartan Sprint took more than two hours due to the mud and, of course, the obstacles.

How long does it take to train for a Spartan?

Maybe you are already training, and even if you can smoothly run 3 miles (5k), a Spartan Sprint will be the toughest thing you ever did. The sooner you start training, the better chance you have. Give your self at least 4 to 6 weeks to train correctly.

Do you really have to do burpees in Spartan Race?

What do burpees have to do with Spartan Race? Spartan Race is an obstacle course racing series that takes competition seriously. But if they fail an obstacle, racers must complete 30 burpees before moving on. The burpee is the greatest athletic equalizer we know of!

Do I need gloves for Spartan Race?

If you are running a Spartan Race Stadium Sprint, by all means, wear some gloves. They will protect your hands at several obstacles and if you need to take them off, no problem. When gloves are wet, they lose their grip on whatever you are trying to gain an advantage over.

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Can you do the Spartan race without training?

Virtually anyone with heart, determination, and a never-quit attitude can complete a Spartan race. How easily the race is completed and the speed of recovery after the event is determined by the level of conditioning/training the individual partakes in.

Can you fail a Spartan race?

NO. Spartans don’t skip obstacles, we overcome them. We strongly discourage skipping obstacles without attempting them, as it is unfair to others that do attempt them.

How many calories do you burn in a Spartan Sprint?

All in all, shoot for between 90-200 calories per hour, with 30-60 grams of carbs, and include some protein.

How do you know if you’re ready for a Spartan Race?

6 Ways to Know You’re Ready for the Spartan Competitive Heat

  1. You’re punctuating your day with burpees.
  2. Running ain’t so hard anymore.
  3. Obstacles have become your friends.
  4. You want to be right up against that edge.
  5. You dedicate time and energy to training.
  6. You train competitively with your friends already.

How long does a Spartan ultra take?

So “8:20” indicates 8 hours and 20 minutes. The numbers are all averages of the results from that event, meaning in the image below the average finish time for Men was 11:56 and the average finish time for Women was 12:19.

What is a Spartan ultra race?

With foundations in traditional ultra-running, the Spartan Ultra merges the sport of obstacle course racing along with 50K courses and 60 obstacles to create a truly unique and brutal challenge. This is a serious ultra-distance athletic challenge.

What do you wear to a Spartan Ultra?

In terms of clothes — wear tight, synthetic clothes that wick moisture away from your body. Many Spartans recommend compression gear. For your feet — use trail-running shoes with good traction. Tony Matesi recommends toe socks and Trail Toes for longer races.

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